October 28, 2008


This delightfully crispy,crunchy snack will add zest to tea -time,after meal munches and parties.It is famous in Maharashtra ,specially in Pune.This savory bits has a combine taste of sweet,sour,salty and spicy .There is another savory which is made with chickpea flour called Pudachiwadi this is also from Maharashtra.
But I followed the recipe from Anupama's Blog.It turned out really well.In the picture the onces which looks like Springrolls are Bakarwadis.


Outer layer:

3 Cups plain flour
4 tablespoons very hot oil
2 drops orange food colour
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon red chilly powder
Required amount of water to mix the dough


3 tablespoons toasted poppy seeds
3 tablespoons toasted sesame seeds
3 teaspoons red chilly powder
1 tablespoon coriander powder
1 tablespoon cumin powder
3 tablespoon sugar
1 teaspoon salt
1 cup roasted dessicated coconut
1/2 cup finely chopped coriander
8 to 10 mint leaves
1 tablespoon grated onion (strain the juice/use onion powder)
3 cloves of garlic finely crushed
1 inch garlic finely crushed
1 cup fine sev
1 tablespoon lemon juice


1.Combine all the ingredient of the filling in a dry grinder and grind them coarsely.Dont add water.It should be like a think paste,so that it can be easily spread.
2.Mix the hot oil to the flour,this makes the roll crispy.Then add the rest.Mix it like soft chappati dough
3.Make dough balls the size of a golf ball . Roll each one like a thin roti and spread the filling.Then roll it back tight like a cigar.Hold the roll vertically in your palms and press it gently to elongate it further.
4.Cut the roll into one inch pieces. Press the edges gently to hold in the stuffing while frying.(thought about it only after frying the first batch)
5.Deep fry slowly at a moderate heat this makes then crispy.Seal in an air-tight container to retain freshness.

Things to keep in mind:
*Make sure the dough is not stiff.This will make the bakarwadi soft and wont be crisp.
*Dont fry it in high flame because the filling wont get cooked.Make sure the heat is moderate.

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sowmya said...

bakarwadis look yumm...so do the other recipes in your blog.
Do tell me when you display your craft work in our blog..
Thanks for visiting my blog..will add you to my bloggroll..

easycrafts said...

Have always been buying bhakarwadis..thanks for sharing the recipe and for participating in the event